What went down at the DCBC Trade Fair

On Thursday, March 15th we hosted our Trade Fair event at Ceili’s downtown Calgary. We had a great line-up of eight speakers from very different backgrounds which made for a very interesting evening. Aart de Vries kicked  off the night with a presentation on the software tool he is developing to test programming of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). PLCs are the electronic controllers that manage all kinds of industrial systems. His tool makes the testing of programming these controllers more efficient and repeatable.

Aart was followed by Bram Timmer who wears a lot of hats. He is an artist who creates art for public utility boxes, an entrepreneur running his  own company Wild Forest which provides marketing campaigns and app development for companies and organizations like the NBA, and he organizes a yearly conference called CAMP (http://www.campfestival.ca/). CAMP brings together artists and technology specialists to connect with the community at large and keep everyone current with industry development, art and innovations.

Next up was Desiree Prosser who, while caring for her ailing mother, invented a garment called “Under Wraps” with the tag line “the ultimate hug”. Desiree demonstrated the multiple ways the garment can be used and worn. She sells the Under Wraps at Farmers Markets and online on her site: http://underwraps.ca.

Sean van der Lee, a graduate of the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, was next and has been enjoying running his own firm in Calgary for almost three years. At van der Lee Law he serves clients with small business, estate planning, and real estate needs. He is driven to provide his clients with value, and to help them achieve their goals.

In the networking break that followed  it was great to see how much our members enjoy learning about each other’s business and passions and lot of interesting and animated interaction transpired. After the break, Ronald Taam of European Garden design explained the multiple ways his company can help you improve your outdoor space. He showed images of multiple projects his company has done and explained what to look for when buying plants and trees for your yard.

Sian de Vries used the Pech Kucha presentation format (in which you tell a story illustrated with 20 slides which all have 20 seconds) to explain her creative journey, showing us some of her own amazing work and work of artists who inspire her.

Tim and Kerryann van der Westen of “Key to YYC” brought their energetic personalities to show why they should be your guide in the Calgary Real Estate market. More than just selling or buying properties, they want to be the key contact for all your real estate needs while building genuine community focused relationships.

Last but not least was Paul Verhaegh – our treasurer – who runs the tax agency DutchNA. As a tax specialist and professional writer he specializes in dealing with managing taxes across multiple jurisdictions. Paul gave some interesting examples in his presentation on all kinds of gotchas when dealing with taxes in The Netherlands, Canada and the USA.

We truly enjoyed the talented presenters, their diverse businesses and the energetic interactions between our  members. We hope to see you all again at the next event!